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Your Farmer’s voice: Jardín del Gordo

Dear CrowdFarmers,

The last season went very well and despite the fact that we had many rainy days, we were able to send you all your oranges and clementines on time and almost none was wasted in the field, except for a small percentage of tangerines. Overall everything went very well and we are very satisfied with the result. But what makes us happiest is to read all your positive feedback and comments about us and our work.

The orange harvest in boxes

While the season is over and all the fruit has been shipped, we continue to work without rest because the fields, especially at this time, require a lot of care and attention, such as:

The pruning of the orange and clementine trees, a very important task for the next harvest, which requires a lot of experience and time.
The crushing of the remaining branches from the pruning of the trees.
We have also cleared the land several times since it rained a lot, which makes the grass grow much faster.
We placed pheromone traps in the trees to keep pests away.
And finally, we checked the water hoses to ensure a correct irrigation dosage.

Mowed lawn between orange trees

At Jardin del Gordo, the only change that has taken place this year is that we have decided to replace the persimmons that did not work as expected with avocados, a fruit that has many properties and is very beneficial to health. We hope you will find them to your liking once they are ready (2-3 years). 

Green oranges ripening on the tree

This last season we noticed that there was a little less harvest of the Navelina or Mandarina varieties compared to the previous seasons, which usually means that next year the trees will have much more fruit because they are at rest. Unfortunately other varieties such as Late Lane, have lost fruit this year due to the heavy rains, which threw many flowers on the ground preventing the flowering from taking place as expected.

We will give you some tips on how to store your fruit: once you receive your box, the We will give you some tips on how to store your oranges and clementines: once you receive your box, the most important thing to do is to remove the fruit so that it is well ventilated. Then, divide them up, leaving a little space between them and leave them in a cool place in the house, without sunlight and without the risk of leaving them out in the open. This way, you can store the fruit for three weeks or even longer.

Farmer Sergio Muñoz picking oranges and putting them in a box

This year, unfortunately, we cannot fail to mention the global pandemic that we have experienced as a result of COVID-19. We had difficulties in organizing the pick-ups but we are proud that people valued our work so much. The commitment has been strengthened in both directions: from farmers to consumers and from consumers to farmers.

Farmer Sergio Muñoz and his father posing in front of his orange farm

Finally, we would like to tell you that working in the field means continuous learning, because nature is unpredictable and you can never know what can happen ahead of time. The most important thing for us is that your oranges and clementines arrive in the best conditions, and that you can enjoy it, as we do enjoy taking care of your trees.

Ana and Sergio Muñoz with freshly picked oranges in their hands

Thank you for your trust! Our efforts and dedication will always be devoted to the fruit and nature. 

Let’s go for the next season!!

Sergio and Ana

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