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Your Farmer’s Voice: Huerta del Almanzora

Dear CrowdFarmer,

This is the second season working together with Crowdfarming and without a doubt, it has been different and unique while having to live with a worldwide pandemic. Our harvest began at the same time as the state of alarm in Spain. At first we doubted it would be possible to work this year because everything was uncertain. But despite everything we decided to start and work: we couldn’t fail our CrowdFarmers!

We quickly got used to working according to the required security measures. We were frequently stopped by the police to check our documentation. During these working weeks, the streets were empty: there were no people nor cars, just us with your lemons. We finally finished the harvest and luckily, we had no incidence related with COVID-19.

We also had an atypical climate last season. During the months of March, April and May, we had a lot of rain (much needed) and June and July have been very hot. Sometimes we have been forced to pick wet or damp lemons and this may have led to an increase in rot conditions. We know that some of you have had incidents in your boxes but it will not happen again. We have learned that it is better to wait for the lemon to dry no matter how much we want to send your orders.

A person who puts boxes of lemons on a truck using a pallet lift

Once the harvest was over, we took a short but well-deserved vacation. When we returned from our rest, we got down to work, pruning the lemon trees. Once the lemons are harvested, the trees must be pruned and prepared for the next season.

A person who prunes lemon trees

The farmer cleaning the lemon trees on his tractor

Now we will lovingly pamper our lemon trees so that next year’s harvest we can send top quality fruit.

A wasp on a lemon blossom

Chickens in the lemon fields

We take this opportunity to thank you for your adoptions. CrowdFarmers undoubtedly motivate us to continue working in a primary sector that requires so many sacrifices.

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