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Your Farmer’s Voice: Finca Fuente la Gota

Dear CrowdFarmer,

Agriculture is a profession with bittersweet stages, sometimes it gives you joy and sometimes sadness, and this time, unfortunately, we have to communicate bad news.

Farmer Maria Luísa surrounded by sun-burned mango trees

My family farm is very small (1ha) and unfortunately the mango production has been reduced by 80% this year due to several factors:

1. There were abundant rains during the flowering period, which caused the flowers to rot and the fruit not to develop.

The branch of a mango tree burnt by the sun

2. At the end of July, we experienced an extremely warm front. For a few hours, temperatures of 45ºC were exceeded, which made the fruit most exposed to the sun “cook on the tree”. As a consequence, a lot of fruit fell to the ground and the fruit that did not fall was left very stained.

Damaged mangoes on the ground with branches and leaves
Person holding a stained mango in their hand

My husband and I are very sad that we have lost much of this year’s crop and cannot send mangoes to all of you who have ordered. We have prioritized sending only to those who adopted a mango tree from our farm.

I apologize once again and thank you for your understanding.

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