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Your Farmer’s voice: Fastuchera

The beginning of June, for our small Fastuchera farm, is a period of waiting and intense work. The care of our ancient fruit saplings and the protection from fire of the natural habitats that we preserve are accompanied by the work that precedes the harvesting of the ancient grains, the grains from which we produce our flour and our pasta.

Wheat fields on Fastuchera farm in Italy

The wheat did not have it easy this year. In its first months of life it suffered a long period of drought but fortunately, at the beginning of spring, the rain came at the right time and in the right way. 

An ear of wheat in the background

In an inland Sicily already almost dried up by the sun, our wheat fields, sown later on, now appear partly green and iridescent, heralding a good harvest.

The ears of wheat moving in the wind

The swaying of the ears of wheat, their contact and their difference to one another becomes the most beautiful image that the countryside gives us at this time of year. A metaphor of a crowd walking together helping each other, of a life that, despite everything, continues to renew itself always.

Nicola De Gregorio.

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