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Your Farmer’s Voice: Camembert 5 frères

Dear CrowdFarmer,

The winter rhythm is setting in here at the Ferme des 5 Frères. All the animals have been sheltered and the vegetable crops are being prepared to face the coming winter.

However, the weather is still clement at the moment. These means we have good conditions for finishing sowing the wheat that will be harvested next summer.

The fodder harvested in the spring and autumn will be used to feed the herd of cows and heifers throughout the winter.

In terms of transforming the milk into camembert, we have hired two additional people to manufacture, turn, salt, package and deliver it, and to meet the ever growing consumer demand. They are Christine and Mélanie. They are both committed to producing excellent Camembert.

The fact that we were able to continue hiring new staff despite the Covid19 crisis shows that our product lives up to the consumers’ expectations.

We currently have many projects underway, one of which involves installing a tarpaulin on the slurry pit in order to capture the biogas that escapes from it, which will then be transformed into a source of energy to heat the cheese factory.

Another project we are very attached to is the construction of a drying barn in order to be able to feed the cows with dry and unfermented fodder in autumn and winter. It is a key project for our farm and will force us to make a lot of changes, but it’s up to us to adapt to the challenges we are faced with.

To deliver the right camembert to you, the 5 Frères team has set up an exceptional organisation with no less than 6 people (Agathe, Côme, Victor, Marie, Alix and Noëlle) to prepare the orders. Boxes, labelling and packaging hold no mysteries for us any more… Indeed, we’ve never had to deliver such a large order before.

People packing cheese in boxes

We were very touched to receive your feedback from all over Europe!

Between 3 and 5 calvings take place each week at the Ferme des 5 Frères. Each little calf receives special attention as soon as they are born. We make sure their mother licks them and gives them their colostrum to drink. Through licking, the mother establishes essential contact with her calf. This allows them to recognise their mother from among the others. Here is a little calf that was born last week from a cross with a Charolais bull, which gives it this nice grey colour.

A calf in the straw with cows around

It is always a very intense and moving time for us.

We can’t wait to send you our Camembert again in January!

Charles Bréant.

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