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What The Field?! Episode 12 – Farmer Kim’s sweet and bitter tale of chocolate

Kim Russell can almost be described as a modern-day Robin Hood. A restless Englishman who revived an old cocoa estate on the Caribbean island of Grenada and gave the land to the people. Who rants about “the corporates” and doesn’t want his business to grow too much. Who bases his decisions on which production materials to use on the social impact it will have on the locals because “worldwide the cocoa situation is desperate for the farmers that grow it.”

Kim is a farmer and founder of Crayfish Bay Organics and together with his wife Lylette he produces chocolate in its purest form. His conviction is that “If you cut out the greed, you end up with quality”.

He tells us his story and explains some cocoa-related facts such as:

  • What is tree-to-bar and why can it change people’s lives?
  • What does child slavery have to do with your chocolate bar?
  • Why is there such a big difference in the taste of the same type of chocolate?

Tune in to learn more!

You can download the episodes of our podcast in audio format on all of the usual streaming platforms (Spotify, ApplePodcasts, you name it) or here.

Emmeline is a communication expert who has worked in the agri-food and renewable energy industry for the last 8+ years. The newly minted podcaster is a huge foodie, a climate-change worrier (aspiring warrior) and she loves a good discussion almost as much as she loves dogs.


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