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What does tropiterranean mean?

“Tropiterranean” is the combination of two words: Tropical + Mediterranean. It is a characteristic that we attribute to tropical fruits that grow on the Mediterranean coast. 

In Europe, the consumer usually associates tropical fruits with exotic places far away, but this is not always the case. There is a corner in southern Europe where the Mediterranean Sea plays at being tropical. 

The tropical climate is a type of warm climate (not arid) in which temperatures do not vary much throughout the year. The annual average is usually above 18°C.

In these coastal areas of the Mediterranean that we find mainly in the south of Spain, the climate is ideal for growing tropical fruits such as mangos and avocados

Maria, mango producer with illustration of a mango on the Mediterranean beach

Imported tropical fruits, even if they are organic, travel many kilometers by boat or plane to reach the table of a European consumer. These fruits are harvested weeks before consumption and are transported in cold storage, losing organoleptic quality and increasing their carbon footprint.

The tropical fruits of the Tropiterranean are grown by farmers in Europe, they travel less time and fewer kilometers. In addition, the European regulations for Organic Agriculture offer a recognized quality seal for the European consumer. 

Direct sales allow Tropiterranean fruit farmers to harvest on demand. In this way, the mangos and avocados are harvested from the tree on-demand and sent directly to the final consumer without applying artificial ripening treatments.

Tropiterranean is local mangos and avocados, grown in areas of Europe with a climate where the sun is shining all year round on exotic fruits, warming the hearts of the people who eat them.

Vidal is a biologist and “Farmer Hunter” at CrowdFarming, which entails acting as a consultant to farmers and analyzing farms and products, among other things. He is the initiator of the Tropiterranean movement and has a huge passion for agriculture. His dream is to someday become a tropical farmer himself.

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