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The impactful future of home deliveries and transport

Have you ever wondered how much of an impact your home deliveries have? Or what role packaging plays in the great scheme of a more sustainable planet?

“We will never see 100% electrified transportation. (…) What we will see is carbon neutral transportation”, says Katja Busch, CCO of DHL and Head of CSI at DPDHL.

In this podcast she shares her vision for making the transport sector more sustainable and explains why zero emission pledges for 2050 are the near future for a company such as DHL. 

Together with our co-founder and logistics expert Gonzalo Urculo we discuss:

  • – What industries pollute the most 
  • – How much impact having a parcel delivered to your doorstep has in terms of emissions 
  • – The impact of the last mile
  • – Why circularity is the word of the hour
  • – What the holy grail of packaging would be

Tune in to learn more!

You can download the episodes of our podcast in audio format on all of the usual streaming platforms (Spotify, ApplePodcasts, you name it) or here.

Emmeline is a communication expert who has worked in the agri-food and renewable energy industry for the last 8+ years. The newly minted podcaster is a huge foodie, a climate-change worrier (aspiring warrior) and she loves a good discussion almost as much as she loves dogs.


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