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An exceptional Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

Dear CrowdFarmer,

From our farm Proyecto Los Aires, despite this year’s difficulties, we’re particularly satisfied with the quality of the oil obtained, and we’re pleased to announce that we’ve received the following awards:

1. Extra Gold Medal at the 25th Biol International Olive Oil Competition for the World’s Best Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

2. Best Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Castilla La Mancha at the 25th Biol International Olive Oil Competition for the World’s Best Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

3. Gold Medal at the 8th Iberian Competition for the Quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 2021 Mezquita Awards.

We hope you enjoy our olive oil as much as the judges of these contests did!

The preparation of the orders for each CrowdFarmer has been very gratifying, as we felt that each box was for a specific person involved in our project and other similar ones, thereby supporting a family model of agriculture that protects the environment and fosters good practices.

We’d also like to tell you that due to the damage caused by Storm Filomena at our olive grove in January, we had to majorly prune some of the century-old trees, as they couldn’t withstand the low temperatures that we had for many days (eight nights with average temperatures of -10°C, reaching lows of -17°C), with many of their canopies freezing over. That’s why this year you might notice that the photo of your olive tree doesn’t match the one from the previous year.

In any case, the olive tree is very strong and we believe that ours will gradually recover. We’ll be monitoring them carefully and will let you know how they evolve. 

May was the month of flowering in which the small white flowers cover the olive trees and their pollen begins to fly through the olive grove. This month we will start to see the first olives, which during the summer will form the stone and the skin. In September, they’ll begin to create the oil, until they’re ready to be picked in mid-late October and make your oil again.

We love having you as a customer, as we find it a very direct way to get to know each other. And remember that we’ll be waiting for you to come and visit your olive tree!

If you’d like, you can follow us on our Instagram: @proyectolosaires

Thanks again and see you soon! 

 Guillermo y Laura

Organic farmers – Proyecto Los Aires

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