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Of climate change and wildfires

What is the connection between climate change and agriculture?

Why are wildfires becoming more and more frequent in Europe? And what can we do about it?

Dr.Emilio Chuvieco Salinero is the winner of  the Jaume I Prize for Environmental Protection 2022 and a Professor of Geography at the University of Alcalá and director of the UAH Chair of Environmental Ethics. He has been the scientific leader of the Fire CCI project of the European Space Agency since 2010, and also serves as a scientific coordinator for the European project FirEUrisk. Emilio is the author of 33 books and 402 articles and was included in the “World’s Top 2% Scientists’ ranking of Stanford University in 2020 in the area of Engineering Geology and Geomatics. As such, he is the perfect partner for us to dive into the controversies of climate change with, and explore a topic that became especially relevant this past summer: wildfires.

At a time where political discourse has taken over the climate debate, this episode tries to bring the topic back to scientific grounds and the down-to-earth world of farming. 

Whether you are looking for some arguments to counter climate-change-deniers or want to know what the main causes of wildfires are (and what shepherds have got to do with!), this one’s for you.

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Emmeline is a communication expert who has worked in the agri-food and renewable energy industry for the last 8+ years. The newly minted podcaster is a huge foodie, a climate-change worrier (aspiring warrior) and she loves a good discussion almost as much as she loves dogs.


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