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Local vs. European

It is much more sustainable to buy all your food from local producers…or is it?

In this episode, CrowdFarming’s co-founders Gonzalo Urculo and Juliette Simonin are grilled on their business philosophy, why they sell Spanish oranges to Germans (and Brits and other fellow Europeans), the importance of local context and how they work with farmers across several countries.

Some of the burning questions they answer include:

  • What does “local” even mean nowadays?
  • Why are imported goods the better choice sometimes?
  • How come there are no British or Dutch CrowdFarming farmers?

“We have to see environmental impact as a global thing, not as a local thing.”

Sharing both their personal perspective and what they have observed in their day-to-day in the food industry, Juliette and Gonzalo dare to open the Pandora’s box that is the “Local vs. European” debate dividing people on social media as much as in “real life”.

Tune in to learn more!

You can download the episodes of our podcast in audio format on all of the usual streaming platforms (Spotify, ApplePodcasts, you name it) or here.

Emmeline is a communication expert who has worked in the agri-food and renewable energy industry for the last 8+ years. The newly minted podcaster is a huge foodie, a climate-change worrier (aspiring warrior) and she loves a good discussion almost as much as she loves dogs.


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