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Do you feel good buying fruit at the supermarket?

I go to the supermarket to do the week’s shopping. I go to the section where the unpacked fruit is to see what’s in season. The one where the fruit is usually more expensive and there is a person who selects it for you. I ask myself the first question when I arrive: Is all I see really seasonal fruit? What does the supermarket consider to be seasonal fruit? 

I really want to know, so I stand in front of the clementines and ask the shop assistant: 
– Are they in season? 

The shop assistant answers quickly:
– Yes, ma’am. 

I keep asking:
– Do you know when they were picked from the tree?

The assistant answers me as he places the more perfect looking clementines in front of him:
– They brought them to us this morning.

I don’t get the information I was looking for, but I stop asking. I don’t want to seem pedantic or put the employee in an uncomfortable situation because of a few clementines. I ask him for 2 kg of clementines, 2 mangoes, and 5 avocados which he weighs and packs them in individual plastic bags.

This happened to me in the year 2017. I had been uncomfortable for some time because my environmental awareness was evolving to such an extent that I found it difficult to continue with some of my consumption habits. I I kept up with them but then I felt bad. The feeling was getting more and more uncomfortable. You’ve been doing something one way your whole life, but the day comes when you just don’t want to do it anymore.

I started looking on the Internet for sites where farmers sold the fruits they grew directly. I had to buy larger quantities and I had to wait for the order to arrive, but my hopes went up. 

I still go to the supermarket to buy some things when I haven’t had time to plan or I need something urgent. I don’t feel so bad if I do that once in a while. Luckily, there is a growing offer of producers who sell their products directly to the final consumer.

PS.: this experience inspired me to make a professional change in my life and to launch crowdfarming.com

Juliette Simonin

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