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What The Field?! Episode 11: Heura and the rise of flexitarianism

Bernat Añaños Martinez is Chief Social Movement Officer and co-founder of Heura Foods, a company that creates plant-based meat products with a Mediterranean twist.  The motivation driving him and the...

04 October 2022

What The Field?! Episode 8: The power of the Mediterranean Diet – with Dr.Martínez-González

Dr. Miguel Ángel Martínez-González author of the PREDIMED study talks to us about the “real” Mediterranean Diet, its components, and the use of extra virgin olive oil in preventative healthcare....

01 August 2022

What the Field?! Episode 7 – Why regenerative agriculture is worth the hype – with Alfonso Chico de Guzman

Alfonso Chico de Guzman, regenerative agriculture expert, farmer and co-founder of La Junquera, shares his journey to regenerative farming and explains how he was able to transform his dry and...

11 July 2022

Organic products directly from the farmer

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