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The five benefits of direct selling for farmers

At CrowdFarming, the job of Farmer Hunters involves finding producers who want to venture into direct selling and who share our philosophy: promote sustainable agriculture and revolutionize the food supply...

13 August 2021

Nevero and its extra virgin olive oil

Querido Crowdfarmer,  Tras la primera cosecha siendo parte de la comunidad de Crowdfarming, hemos empezado otro año con mucha ilusión y ganas de seguir con nuestro trabajo. Queríamos dar las...

04 August 2021

High-quality cacao from the Philippines

Dear Crowdfarmer, Hi, I’m Policarpio Enricoso, your new farmer protagonist for Saloy. I’m happy to become a part of this adventure. Thank you for supporting our community! We’re working hard...

21 June 2021

An exceptional Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

Dear CrowdFarmer, From our farm Proyecto Los Aires, despite this year’s difficulties, we’re particularly satisfied with the quality of the oil obtained, and we’re pleased to announce that we’ve received...

16 June 2021

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